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Here we go!

2009-06-05 02:35:15 by NeeKnight

Whew, we're officially in the Po3 contest now! Our plans for the game are pretty ambitious, so I hope we can get it all done in time. We've already got some concept art and game-component demos and I'll post a link to our page when we're farther along.

Power of 3!

2009-05-23 15:02:56 by NeeKnight

I'm stoked for Po3! I'm a professional software engineer, but have never made the time to finish any of my games. This is the perfect excuse to make something great, along the lines of an Action/RPG with an innovative combat engine. And I get to work with the humblingly talented Moosh and FroBro1! Stay tuned for details.

Profile Pics!

2009-05-23 04:51:22 by NeeKnight

Well, look at that. After over six years of being a faithful NG'er, I finally made a profile pic and icon. You know, I actually *had* a profile pic back in the day, but when they did the big site update (introducing user pages, etc.), it was lost and I never got around to making one.

Man, this site's come a loooooong way. I remember the days when it was only a few random flashes about killing Teletubbies and Britney Spears. Assassin is now practically just a historical footnote in the current site. Remember Xiao Xiao 3? That was a milestone in stick figure animation, proving that they were a viable form of art. Before the KK, there was the LL and the CC. The war they waged produced some of the best and worst flashes out there.

I'm very impressed by the devotion of the Fulps and the whole NG staff and community. Back before NG was "Everything by Everyone" it was "The Problems of the Future, Today". To think that it has become the definitive showcase of user-created flash animation and games is amazing. The standards of quality around here have risen dramatically too. I am perpetually blown away by the sheer awesomeness of submissions.

Here's to you, Newgrounds! Keep on rocking.